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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Buy Fire Alarm has been monitoring Fire Alarm Systems, Sprinkler Systems, and Water Flow Systems in the Houston, Texas area for 7 years.

Buy Fire Alarm Monitoring Station Difference is:

  • UL Listed/FM Approved
  • Bi-lingual Operators
  • Highly Trained Employees

All incoming calls to the central station are received and handled by the well-trained Buy Fire Alarm console operators. Individuals occupying this position are carefully selected from among our most proficient and tenured operators.

If you are looking to contact the right company for fire alarm in Houston, Texas, or surrounding areas, give us a call now at 832-626-7837 or complete the form for a quote.

The central station has the demonstrated the ability to courteously direct all calls to the appropriate representatives.

When calling the central station, our seasoned operators serve as your initial contact with our company, so we have chosen select individuals who possess the highest experience, the knowledge, and professionalism. You will not only be impressed with excellent first impressions, but the ongoing sense of confidence and security instilled while our staff assure that customer needs are addressed in a timely and thorough manner.

To protect the interests of all parties involved, every call to the central station is recorded on a digital voice unit.

If you ever have the need to research a certain call, or simply require the information for reasons of record keeping or liability, you may file a request/discrepancy with an alarm room supervisor. Your needs will properly addressed.

Every employee of Buy Fire Alarm understands the value of service to you and your customers. It is the cornerstone of our training and education program, one of the most comprehensive and detailed in the industry.

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The extensive training curriculum for new employees simulates virtually every scenario they may encounter. Only when our staff have demonstrated that they have the skills and ability to act quickly and effectively are they qualified to become a Buy Fire Alarm dispatch professional.